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Umrah Package$1480

This package includes Visa,Hotel Accommodations, 4 nights Makkah ,3 nights Madina, Return ticket and breakfast.

Iran Package

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Iraq and Iran Package$1200

This package includes Visa,Ticket,Hotel,Transport and Food .

Dubai PackagePKR:49,000

This package includes Visa, Return ticket and return airport transfers.

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Please note that Visa requirements

Please note that Visa requirements / fees and service charges are subject to change without prior notice. Additional documents / information, where necessary, may be required at any time of the Application Process by the Foreign Mission/Courier Company. While we take particular care to have the most updated Visa Information on this website, we advise Applicants to contact our Visa Facilitation Services team for the most current information.

Overview of Religious Tourism with Emaan’s Travel Service!

Are you planning to “make the journey of your lifetime” with the best rates in town? Indeed, you have landed at the right place. Emaan’s Travel is pioneers of religious tourism services in Pakistan. Doing Umrah through Emaan’s Travels is an assurance that you only have to focus on your pilgrimage and prayers while we take care of the all the arrangements of your trip. Emaan’s travels is known for its rock-solid services in religious tourism for over a decade and our experienced staff pays attention to every minute detail of your trip so that you serve your purpose without any hassle.

About Ziyarat

Ziyarat has its own philosophy. A person going to Hajj or Umra has so many places to visit in Mecca. One of these sacred places is the place where Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) stood and made footprints on the stone. This was his miracle. God wants to remind his worshippers not to forget the services and sacrifices of his Prophet Ibrahim (AS), whom He gives the title Khalil (the friend). That is why he ordered them to pray on this place, to put their foreheads down on the place where Ibrahim (AS) left his footprints and run between the mountains of Safa and Marwa in the remembrance of sufferings of the family of Ibrahim (AS). In the same way God likes that his worshippers and visitors of his house will pay full importance to the sacrifices and sufferings of his last Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SAW) and his progeny. It means that Ziyarat is worship for the believers

About Emaanz


Emaan’s Group started a humble beginning of its business in 2007 when we stepped into the air travel arena as a Non-IATA based Travel Agency with its first and only office in Karachi. Since then Emaan’s group has emerged as a leading business enterprise-with a team of highly experienced and well educated staff and executives. Today Emaan’s continues to grow on its humble beginnings and focusing to expand its infrastructure and operations throughout nationwide.

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